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Kashflow stops you getting bollockings from your accountant

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Kashflow Prices 2014

The 2014 Kashflow Promo Code may stop you getting bollockings from your accountant

Take advantage of a Free Kashflow Trial and discounted price and give your accountant a reason to smile

Free Kashflow Trial and discounted price with Kashflow Promo Code AFF2100231

Are you fed up of getting bollockings from your accountant when you hand him a file of tatty documents and haphazard spread sheets that you think are perfectly OK but he just shakes his head at?

I used to think what’s the point of spending £18 a month on bookkeeping software when I have excel?

I often wondered why my accountant would sigh under his breath when I dropped my end of year documents in?

But even more importantly I wondered why it cost so much to have my end of year accounts done by my accountant?

All this changed a 3 or 4 years ago as I took advantage of the free 14 day trial of Kashflow and soon realised how much simpler it made things.

Amazingly simple to use, I now just add the figures in to Kashflow and at the end of the year give my accountant my login details and leave the rest to him.

Not only does it save me a lot of time and hassle, it’s also reduced the time my accountant has to take doing my accountants by virtually 50% which more than pays for the software on its own 🙂

Another great way that Kashflow has saved me money over the years is the way it handles invoices and late payments.

In previous, unorganised years I was a bit lapse on invoicing and in one year alone it resulted in over £4k in bad debt, since using Kashflow I find it a lot easier keeping an eye on who has and hasn’t paid and after doing my accounts this year it looks like my bad debt is the lowest it has ever been at less than £200

Even more:
I used to hate bookkeeping and tended to do things on a monthly (sometimes longer) basis, because of the simplicity of Kashflow, the day I deliver a product is the day I generate the invoice and 9 times out of 10 just email it straight to the customer (from within the Kashflow system).
I do the same when I buy things, rather than just pilling up a load of reciepts, finding them in pockets, ashtrays, under the car seat etc. I now just enter them in to Kashflow on the day

I’ve recently been talking to the guys at the online accounting software specialists – Kashflow and managed to wangle a new Kashflow Promo code for 2014 😉 – AFF2100231
which you can use to take advantage of a 14 day genuine completely free trial and a £1 a month discount for the first 6 months.

Sign up for the free trial here Free Kashflow Trial ignore the bit about being £18 a month to upgrade as with my Promo Code you save £1 a month for the first 6 months

The reason I can provide these Kashflow vouchers is because I have so many small businesses registered in my online Business Directory that I was automatically accepted on to the Kashflow partner program. 🙂

Go on, not only does Kashflow save you time and money, is simple to use, makes bookkeeping a pleasure rather rhan a chore it may even stop your accountant giving you a bollocking too 😉

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