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Sim64 is a division of TJS Marketing Ltd.

Sim64 and TJS Marketing Ltd. are basically just me – Terry Simmonds a Stratford born guy who worked for a local building company for 20 years until I learned about SEO and building websites.

What you get from my services is straight forward honesty, no smarmy sales talk, no technical jargon.

After nearly 20 years practising SEO I still treat it as a hobby and like nothing more than battling the Google gods.

If you have a website or a subject that interests me – it could become my next goal trying to get you ranking high – no promises, no guarantees but I always do my best.

Interested? – Give me a call on 01608 663759 and if you are within 10 miles of Shipston I’m quite happy to pop round for a chat – All it will cost you is a cup of tea and a biscuit (preferably with chocolate on it).

How I Started Out In SEO

It was about 2001 when I got my 1st PC

For my age this was very late but as I was working in the construction industry at the time I had never really seen much need for one.

As soon as I did get one though I was hooked and rather than coming home from work and spending 4 hours watching television I would now get straight on to the PC as soon as I got in.

My SEO Career all started with Usenet and GeoCities

So I had my 1st PC and time on my hands so what do I do?

As a kid I loved Lego, Stickle Bricks, Mechano, Airfix Kits, Drawing and writing little Stories – I would often escape in to my own little world either playing with my kits or creating stories/pictures.

When I got my 1st PC I kinda reverted back to my childhood and one of the 1st things I discovered I enjoyed was creating little websites on the likes of GeoCities or the free website space provided by my Internet Service Provider.

I soon realised I didn’t like the way site builders did things, so started learning HTML and the place I initially turned to for research was Usenet and boy did that open my eyes!

Registering and Hosting my own Domains and Websites

Having learnt a bit of very basic HTML and knowing site builders weren’t for me I started looking in to domain registration and hosting and then started thinking about what I could build a website about.

I was still working on the building at the time and saw lots of new building regulations coming in relating to disabled access – I also started researching the DDA (Disability Discrimination Act) and saw that new laws related to accessibility were imminent.

Seeing that very little was being done regarding the new regulations and even less relating to the DDA I thought, how about building a website for Wheelchair Ramps

TJ – The Accidental SEO

I now had my hosting set up, my domain registered and my 1st website, and although I still didn’t really know what I was doing, at least I had a subject to build my website about.

I had no idea about copyright or using other peoples images, so all I basically did was find somebody who made wheelchair ramps and copied their images and information.

I mixed this in with the information I knew about building regulations, the DDA etc. and eventually had very simple 7 or 8 page website which I was basically just using for playing, experimenting and learning.

I was still working in the building industry at the time when the strangest thing happened – My mobile phone rang, I answered it and it was somebody wanting to buy a wheelchair ramp.

I explained it was just a demo site, that I didn’t actually sell wheelchair ramps and thought no more of it – That was until the next week I received another call and the next week 2 or 3 calls.

By now I was wondering why I was suddenly getting these calls and when the next person phoned I asked them how they had found me and they said – Google!

When I got in I got in that evening I went to Google, searched for Wheelchair Ramps and there in the top position was my simple, little, play around demo site – I had accidentally become an SEO 🙂

Continues here – How I started in SEO

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