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Access Appraisals Ramps Department

Access Appraisals Ltd. Honington Shipston-on-Stour Warwickshire CV36 5AB 01608 663759 info@wheelchair-ramps.co.uk www.wheelchair-ramps.co.uk The wheelchair ramps section of Access Appraisals Lt. is now operating from our new offices in Honington.

Beans on Toast Recipe by Sim64

Beans on toast By Terry Simmonds, February 22, 2014 Beans on toast Prep Time: 2 minutes Cook time: 6 minutes Yield: 1 Beans on toast Nutrition facts: 235 calories, 100 grams fat Ingredients: 1 tin of beans 1 slice of … Continue reading

Have You Been Plus Jacked?

Have You Been Plus Jacked? A simple tool to check if you have been Plus Jacked Enter Google+ ID or Profile Name to see if you have been Plus Jacked (Remember to use the + symbol in custom URL’s) https://plus.google.com/ … Continue reading


A demonstration of reverse plus jacking – jkyt67vppp

Reverse Plus Jacked

https://plus.google.com/+TerrySimmonds/posts/7rtqHMpeq59 Plus Jacked : Plus Jacked

Google not showing number of results

Has Google stopped showing the number of results in the SERPs for everyone when searching? Update: I had cleared my Google Cookies and was receiving a message about google.co.uk using Cookies, once I OK’d the cookie message the number of … Continue reading

Google+ Products Pages

A little used feature of Google+ is Google+ Products Pages I set this little example up for Hanging House Signs last night, made one post about Hanging House Signs in Slate or Stone which also appears in my Google+ Stream here … Continue reading

What is #__sid=0 in Google+

#__sid=0 is a Google+ bug that affects certain websites by tagging #__sid=0 on to the end of URL’s when a link to them is posted in Google+ or the web page is shared on Google+ #__sid=0 currently affects a small … Continue reading

SEO and Social Engineering

If you think SEO is  a 9 – 5 job then you really should think again. SEO is like Social Engineering and to get the full benefit you need to have the right mentality. Many people today think SEO is all … Continue reading

List of sites using Google+ Comments

This is the sim64 list of websites using the Google Comments System Please feel free to let me know of any sites using Google+ Comments that you would like to see included by using the Google+ comments system below www.sim64.co.uk/ … Continue reading

Google+ Comments on WordPress Spam

I warned people about this when I first started seeing them using Google+ Comments on WordPress posts (or using the new Google+ Comments system on Blogger blogs). I set up a test WordPress site and added the Google+ Comments system to it. … Continue reading

How to Improve Your Google Author Rank With Katzing

https://plus.google.com//about   Please +1 the Author Rank Checker   Google Author Rank Cheker How to Improve Your Google Author Rank With Katzing Katzing [kat-zing]: The legitimate art of manipulating Google Authorship to improve your Google Author Rank. New Feature: Check … Continue reading

Has schema.org been hacked

Interesting discussion going on at https://productforums.google.com/forum/#!msg/webmasters/1b1ftgJO-XI/V5Yg59gvMaoJ about how the Google structured data tresting tool is displaying strange URL’s This looks like either a problem with the Structured data testing tool or schema itself. Would be interested in hearing any more info … Continue reading

Matt Cutts For A Day

For one day only everyone who has a Google+ Profile, who uses Authorship and has their Google+ Profile image showing in the results, please change your profile photo to this photo of Matt Cutts If enough people do this we … Continue reading

Advertising on Google

Leaving Google to start a new search engine There are a number of ways to advertise on Google which can benefit small business owners. Google AdWords No matter what your budget, you can display your ads on Google and the … Continue reading

8 more tests on Google Authorship

Test 1 : Test 2 : Test 3 : Test 4 : Test 5 : Test 6 : Test 7 : Test 8 Another round of Google Authorship testing to test author tag orders

Advertising Tips

Marketing and Advertising Tips Tips on how to find the best places to advertise online for free. How to find the best places to advertise online. Cost effective onlie advertising Sell advertising space Buy advertising place

10 Google Profile photos showing in Google results

Every result in Google top 10 with Author photo next to results Below is another screenshot showing 10 Google Profile photos in the results when searching for the phrase – google plus profile photos in serp

Youngest person on Desert Island Discs

Update 1/072014 Head chorister Quentin Poole was 13 when he appeared as Roy Plomley’s castaway on Desert Island Discs in 1970. Do you know of anyone younger? Unbelievably, after an hour of searching I still can’t find who was the … Continue reading

Ryan Giggs not on the bench

Ryan Giggs not even on the bench for Man Utd v Norwich Ryan Giggs stuck on 999 games as sir Alex Ferguson doesn’t even name him as substitute in the Man U v Norwich game. No sentiment for Fergie, Giggs … Continue reading

The Guardian using Google+ Sign in

I see The Guardian are now using Google Sign in. This means when you sign in to make a comment The Guardian your Google+ Profile name and photo is used. All very good for those who don’t want anonymity, but … Continue reading

Wheelchair Ramps on Google+

I updated the wheelchair ramps page on Google+ yesterday https://plus.google.com/112915413601009126763 This isn’t a page set up for a business but for the wheelchair ramps themselves. The main reason for this page is that I can then pull information and display … Continue reading

Invite Friends by Email to Google+

In all the time I have been using Google+ I can’t remember ever seing the invite friends to Google+ by email link in the right hand sidebar of Google+ before [screenshot below] Is the invite friends by email link new … Continue reading

Did Google Dumb Down Authorship

Are Google Dumbing Down Authorship? Google Authorship has been around for approx 18 months now and the way of setting up authorship has changed in that time. This first example shows how Google Authorship could initially be set up You … Continue reading

New Google Image Search

Google have a new Google Image search Screenshot: New Google Image Search The new Google Image search will display detailed information about the image underneath the image in the search results, instead of redirecting users to a separate landing page. … Continue reading

Slight delay in directory listing approvals

We are currently making a few changes to our directory site that may result in a delay of approvals. This should only be for 2 or 3 days further information here – https://plus.google.com/104436605347101495088/posts/jdjqa2TCB1k If you have paid for an upgrade … Continue reading

UK Small Business Directory have moved their Google+ Page

The UK Small Business Directory have moved their Google+ Page to a Google+ Local Page https://plus.google.com/b/104436605347101495088/104436605347101495088 https://plus.google.com/104436605347101495088 https://plus.google.com/104436605347101495088#104436605347101495088/posts More here: https://plus.google.com/b/103563672979902985266/103563672979902985266/posts/DUjSppszjNR https://plus.google.com/103563672979902985266/posts/DUjSppszjNR

Is this a Cetti’s Warbler

I spotted this bird when doing The Big Garden Birdwatch I think in may be a Cetti’s Warbler? It looks a bit like a wren but far too big, also wondering if there is any possibility it is a nightingale? … Continue reading

The Internet

Do you want to buy something off me? Do you want to sell something to me? Do you want to share a great money making idea with me? Do you want me to give you some money making advice? Do … Continue reading

Google Authorship Expert GAE

Google Authorship Expert providing free advice on Google Authorship and Author Rank Google Authorised GAE     Please feel free to ask any questions below and our resident GAE will try to answer them    

What is Google Author Rank

The ultimate guide to Google Authorship and Google Author Rank Why improving your Google Author Rank will give you a warm fuzzy feeling and why it has never been more important to waffle away about nothing in particular. Contents What … Continue reading

A Google+ Profile is not a Google+ Page

Running an Online Business Directory that allows small business owners to link through to their Google+ Profile and Google+ Page I see a lot of Pages and Profiles throughout the day. What I notice a lot is the confusion between a … Continue reading

Google Fiber in UK

With Google completing on a £1bn deal to build a new UK headquarters in King’s Cross will we also see plans for Google launching Google Fiber throughout London and the UK to rival Virgin and BT? http://fiber.google.com/about/ https://plus.google.com/+GoogleFiber

Is GAE the new SEO

I am seing more Google Authorship Experts springing up on a weekly basis will GAE be the new SEO that Snake Oil Salesmen get in to. Google Authorised GAE Expert

Share to a Google+ Community

Does anyone know if there is a Google+ Share button that will Share to a Google+ Community rather than to a Google+ Profile? Update: 15/01/13 The Google+ Share Badge has an option to share direct to a Google+ community  

What colour is your phone number

What colour is your phone number Enter your phone number in box to reveal your colour Please note: only works with the first 6 digits of phone numbers (do not add spaces)  

HMV Administration

There has been talk of HMV calling in an administrator for months does anyone know have HMV gone in to administration or not? I hear they are having a month long 25% sale or has this come too late to … Continue reading

Definition of Google+

Sim64 Definition of Google+ Google+ a place where people post a snippet from an interesting article they have copied from somewhere in the hope that someone else higher up the popularity chain will share their copy of the post about the original … Continue reading

Most popular business categories in UK Small Business Directory – January 2013

Top 200 Categories at Saturday, January 12, 2013 Category Businesses in Category Website Designers            3962 Builders            2761 Cleaners            2577 Photographers            1955 Plumbers            1667 Accountants            1481 Painters and Decorators            1405 Beauty Consultants            1329 … Continue reading

Google Structured Data Shortcuts

If you have a blog and want to be able to istantly check your Google Rich Snippets on the Google Structured Data Testing Tool simply add the Sim64 Google Structured Data Testing Tool Button to your sidebar,header or footer and … Continue reading