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With 2012 nearly upon us now is the perfect time to start thinking about How small businesses can benefit from the London Olympics.

Top 10 ways business can benefit from the London Olympics

1. Overcharge tourists.

2. Put up prices and blame it on security issues.

3. Re-label all those Chinese imports with made in Britain stickers.

4. Label your products as officially endorsed by Seb.

5. Get wheelclampers clamping anyone parking in your car parks.

6. Give a free Union Jack flag (costing less than 1p) away with every order over £100.00.

7. Make some soft cuddly toys and sell them as official London Olympics mascots.

8. Charge tourists to hire out any of Boris’s bikes you can get your hands on.

9. Your suggestion.

10. Your suggestion.

Please comment below with any ideas you have for How small business can benefit from the London Olympics 2012

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