This is especially important if you intend using a WordPress Plugin.

1. You have very little control of who comments (no pre-moderation)

2. The Google+ Comment system displays Shares too

3. The Google+ Comment System is retrospective (any share made since day 1 of Google+ may appear on your site)

4. People can add anything to your site and you will receive no notification.
Are you prepared to let total strangers add anything to your web pages without knowing what they have written and where they have written it?

5. This could happen to any post you have ever made on your Wordpess site

6. You will have to carefully monitor every single page that you have the Google+ Comments system on.

7. When people comment they like to receive a reply, you will receive comments without even knowing, so how can you reply?

8. If you are replacing an existing comments system you may be removing comments from your posts, if any of these were keyword rich you may start losing rankings (especially for long tail searches)

9. If you leave your existing comment system on the page people will get confused

10. Your WordPress theme will probably tell people your post has x number of comments, but these will be your original comment system comments and have no bearing to the Google+ Comments

11. The way multiple threads appear on the page is just too confusing to use as a comment system to a blog post.

12. It will be easy to post something you expect to just appear in one place appear in multiple places

13. When someone makes a direct comment to one of your posts and shares it on Google+ the comment appears in the commenters stream, included with the comment is an image from the site they commented on (this only shows after they have commented) If they don’t like the image and delete it, it removes the comment from the post and they probably won’t notice.

14. Crafty and manipulative commenters will use comments to deflect people away from the original post to their Google+ Profile where the conversation will continue.

15. Anonymous Google+ Pages can comment on your posts.

16. Comment forms for any website can be placed anywhere, you may think you are commenting on one thing, but may be commenting on something completely different.

17. If for any reason you change your URL or permalink structure all your comments will be lost.

18. Google+ Comments isn’t a comment system.

19. If you receive a bad or spam comment and Mute it, you may think no one else is seeing it when in fact they are and also any replies to the Muted comment.

20. When you report a comment as abuse it appears to be instantly removed and you won’t see it again whilst signed in. Log out of Google+ and return to the post and you will see everyone else still sees the comment even though you think it has been removed.

Please feel free to add to this list if you find anything else that concerns or annoys you about using Google+ Comments on WordPress.


September 12, 2013

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