Calmly degutting pears

When I was back in school in about 1978, the teacher read a poem to us and I have always remembered it (to a degree)

I was pretty sure it was called Social Studies by Michael Badwin, but after lots of googling I have never found it.

It was basically about the mundane,  depressing life working in a factory can be , which ends with the main character killing her kids and getting hung.

These are some of the verses (by memory, so may not be right)

Whilst my father worked all hours
my mother chewed the chairs
my sister worked in a factory
calmly degutting pears.

The green pears like spinach
the yellow pears liks sick
she calmly disembowled them
with a deftly little flick.

Next verse was about marrying
someone in a similar position

They had two lovely children
called Dorothy and Clem
They’re hanging her tomorrow
for calmly degutting them.

There may have been a couple of other verses, but 30 years fades the memory, I’ve been trying to find out more about this poem on and off ever since I got a pc.

If anyone knows any more, I would really appreciate hearing all you know by comenting below.