How many Clichés do you need?

Sometimes the truth can be stranger than fiction.

Girls and the Experts

In response to the people who thought the message on UK Small Business Directory last week was genuine here is the truth rather than the piffle you have read elsewhere.

In a forum I frequent somebody asked for a review of their new website –

It was suggested that the website may be seen as a bit sexist.

The owner of the website said this was deliberate as 99% of their customers are men.

My reply to this was;

“It inspired me enough to make me want to update my homepage at

I included a link to my site with the following spoof message on it.

“Please note: This is a serious website for serious men with serious businesses.

If you are just a little housewife running a little play business from home earning some pin money whilst your other half is out earning a living – please don’t register your latest hobby business here.

Regards, Terry

It is still beyond me that anyone cannot see that as a spoof (not a joke, a spoof)

Let’s have a look at just how many cliches are in there

serious men
just a little housewife
little play business
earning some pin money
other half is out earning a living
latest hobby

If anyone seriously couldn’t work our that all those cliches resulted in a spoof I suggest you read up on Poe’s Law –’s_Law

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