Update – November 2015

The previous way of linking to Google Reviews no longer works, so I have created a new method.

Enjoy 🙂

How To Create A Google Review Link

Now that Google have stopped the trick of adding ?review=1 to the end of Google Local URLS to direct people to Reviews I have created a new Google Reviews Button Generator.

You can create your own customized Google Review Button here

Create A Google Review Button

Below is a demonstration of how they work

Review us on Google


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How to get more Google Reviews

A simple review tool to help you get more reviews of your Google+ Local Page

With the sim64 Google+ Review tool you can send signed in Google+ Users direct to a Review Form of your local Google+ Page without them having to find and click the review button.

Simply Enter the ID number or Custom URL of your Google+ Local Page for a demonstration.


Note: Only works with verified Google+ Local Listings

With standard Google+ Business Pages or Brand Pages you will be taken direct to the Page instead of the review form.

Prefill the Review Tool with your own ID number and either embed on your own website or send to people in an email to encourage your customers to write more reviews.

Feel free to contact me for further instructions on the Google Review Tool or on how to create direct links to your Review form.

Google+ Review Sim64

Review Sim64