How to use Google+ as a Google+ Page outside of Google+

In the 2+ years of Google+ I seldom see anyone provide clear instructions on how to use Google+ as a Google+ Page outside of Google+ – Confused? you needn’t be.

Most of the instructions on using Google+ Pages you will read say to sign in to your Google+ Profile and then go to your Google+ Page and start engaging as your Page from there.

The problem with this though is that you are still actually signed in as your Profile and once you move out of Google+ are automatically switched back to your Profile which means if you +1 or Share anything it is as your Profile and not your Page.

There is a better alternative though.

Provided you are the owner of the Page, are over 18 and the Page isn’t owned by a Google Apps account you can create a direct login username and password for your Google+ Page.

The advantages of this are that you can move smoothly in and out of Google+ always signed in as the Google+ Page, can +1 and Share as your Page outside of Google+, can set notifications up better so you receive them outside of Google+ and basically use Google+ as a Page just as you would as a Profile.

How to set up direct login as your Google+ Page

  • Sign in to your Google Profile and change to your Page as you always have done.
  • Go to your Page settings
  • Scroll down to Third-party tools
  • Set up a password
  • You will have to reconfirm your Google+ Profile details at this stage and sign in again.
  • Make a note of your Pages username
  • Create and confirm your new password

The next step is optional but well worth doing

  • Click to upgrade to Gmail
  • You will be asked to sign in as your Page at this stage
  • Choose your Pages Gmail address
  • This will then be verified by a phone voice call or SMS message
  • Follow instructions and your account will be verified

With your Google+ Page direct login now set up you can start using your Google+ Page much as you do your Google+ Profile.

Log back out of Google+, close all browser windows, sign back in to Google+ with your new Google+ Page username and password.

The main advantages of using Google+ when signed in direct as the Page

  •  You can move smoothly in and out of Google+ signed in as your Page without having to constantly switch from Profile to Page
  •  You can +1 web pages outside of Google+ as your Page
  •  You can Share web pages outside of Google+ as your Page
  •  You can set up notifications as your Page and receive them outside of Google+
  •  You have no fear of posting as your Profile when you think you are posting as your Page

If you haven’t set up a direct login as a Google+ Page I recommend you do so and experiment to see the difference between being signed in as a Page and using Google+ as a Page.

Note: there is a big difference between being signed in to Google+ as a Page and using Google+ as a Page.

If you want to know more feel free to comment.


Another big advantage I didn’t mention above is the fact you can sign in as your Page, add an account for your Profile and use your Profile within Google+ and your Page outside of Google+ at the same time with both having the ability to receive notifications at the same time (see image below)


August 2, 2013

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