I learnt a lesson today.

There really are some sad, sad people out there 🙁

How many cliches do you need?

Why do some working mums dislike Mumsnet?


I’ll start this post by explaining my world is different to most

If ever you watch one of those good old fashioned black and white Saturday matinees The Enchanted Cottage being a prime example, that’s my world.

In my world we like to go to fairs but the fairs I always imagine are like something from a Famous 5 book, all the stall keepers are jolly old souls, smartly dressed, but ruddy faced, They laugh and smile with you, wish you luck and commiserate with you if you don’t win (and give the kids a sweetie).

There are stalls with freshly made sandwiches, home made cakes, home made lemonade and big jugs of homemade ginger beer. The rides all sparkle, the music is jolly and everyone feels safe and relaxed.

Maybe it’s Enid Blyton’s fault but in my world I see most people as being nice.

Fortunately, due to a lot of hard work I now spend most of the time in my world, until I sadly get bought back to the real world by people who quite frankly should know better.

Will I join these sad, bitter peoples world?

Nah, I think I’ll go and have a nice bit of ginger cake, then go up in the Loft and dig out my Five Get Into Trouble book and then go searching on Google Maps for Owl’s Dene.

So what did I learn today?

The Dunning-Kruger effect is still alive and kicking and it really is a sad world out there.

Update 6/02/20124 – So what did I learn today? Part 2

Owl’s Dene isn’t on Google Maps 🙁

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