Is using your content to rank in Google

I see are back to the old trick of using RSS Feeds to post other peoples content on to their site and making it look like forum posts again.

They were up as high as approximately the 5,000th most popular website according to Alexa back in 2011, took a bit of a dive in mid 2012 but have been creeping back up in 2013.

Maybe they are being a bit more sensible this time and have the RSS feed switched down a bit.

For those wondering why you see when searching for things you have written this is basically what they do;

They use the RSS Feed that your site automatically generates and posts the content on to what looks like a forum on their site, they use the title of your post as the headline and rank in long tail searches for that headline.

They don’t particularly go after competitive keywords but just keep under the Google radars by temporarily ranking for thousands of long tail search phrases.

They then monetise your content by having adverts and pop-ups on all these landing pages.

If you have seen using your content in this way feel free to comment below.