Mangeur de Cigogne Competition

Update: 19/11/2016

SEO Hero

It looks like we may have a new SEO Contest.
SEO Hero is the target phrase in the latest SEO competition set up by WiX

I’ve set a little site up for it with pages for;
1. WiX SEO Hero Contest Rules
Which provides a brief summary of the rules.

2. Wix SEO Hero Contest Competitors
A page where competitors can list themselves (and also include a link to their site)

3. Wix SEO Hero Search
A nifty little tool that allows you to set which version of Google to use when searching for SEO Hero and also allows you to set where you want Google to think you are searching from.

4. SEO Hero News
A section where I will be posting news on the SEO Hero Contest and also keeping an online diary.

Was it really 9 years ago today that the Mangeur de Cigogne Competition finished?

Mangeur de Cigogne was one of the early search engine optimization competitions where the object  was to rank highest for a made up phrase.

The phrase mangeur de cigogne (“Stork eater” in English) was chosen and the timeframe was 2 months and ended on 15th June 2004

My memory is a little rusty but I seem to remember the finishing order was;

  1. Jan  – Actulab
  2. Jerome – NoName
  3. Laurent – Thickparasite

Mangeur de cicogne

Image courtesy of NoName

As the name suggests, Mangeur de Cigogne was a French Search engine optimisation competition organised by promoweb

List of participants here:

The others I remember;

apologies to anyone I have missed.

How do I remember the day so well? I missed the last few hours because I was in the maternity ward holding my wifes hand as little TJ was born :o

Hope all competitors are well and still doing battles with Google ;o)

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