Mumsnet Translator Wanted by DH

I will start this post by saying I am not a mum I am apparently a DH with a DD, a DS and a OH who is a MNer

Every now and then I like to pop in to Mumsnet to read about what to expect as my children grow up, and how to communicate with them better as they approach puberty.

Now here in lies the problem, how on earth am I supposed to get advice on communicating with my children when the Mums on Mumsnet just speak gibberish?

AIBU in expecting to have intelligent conversations with a group of sensible mums without it resorting to BC I would do lots of SWOI but now I am TTC and SWI again DTD is not as much fun. Of course it isn’t helped by having our PFB in a cot next to the bed as my DH says it distracts him.

I can honestly say I get more sense out of my DD texting messages to me than these weird beings inanely waffling on in MNer Talk.

The final straw was when I wrote that I was worried about a sensitive issue to be greeted by YABOS and when asking what it meant was told to JFGI

I’ve decided to stay out of MN for a while until I can find a translator to teach me how to communicate with these people

I mean, how ridiculous is it when the shortened version of No in MNer talk is NN FFS.

If you feel you have the skills to translate MNer Talk to me in a way that doen’t MMTI please comment below.

February 05, 2014