Is Google Using Pearson Correlation Coefficient as a Ranking Factor?

Pearson Correlation Coefficient used in the Google algorithms as a Ranking Factor
Pearson product-moment correlation coefficient part of Google Semantic Search
Following on from last weeks post about the Google delegated authority evaluation system and primary authority and contributing authorities This weeks post is about Pearson Correlation Coefficient (r)

I spoke last week about how primary authorities can pass on an evaluation score between -1 and +1 is it any coincidence that Correlation coefficients range from r=-1.0 to r=+1.0?

March 27, 2014

Additional Information about Pearson product-moment correlation coefficient via Wikipedia

“In statistics, the Pearson product-moment correlation coefficient (sometimes referred to as the PPMCC or PCC,[1] or Pearson’s r) is a measure of the linear correlation (dependence) between two variables X and Y, giving a value between +1 and −1 inclusive, where 1 is total positive correlation, 0 is no correlation, and −1 is negative correlation.”

Source: Wikipedia

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