Someone tell the Content Marketers It is only a washing machine not War and Peace

It may be only a frigging washing machine to you and me but that’s not good enough for Content Marketers and Google.

No, in this day and age where content is seen as king and content marketing is the buzz word it’s no good just providing the necessary information people want to read about the functions of this washing machine;

i.e. load capacity, energy rating, spin speed, washing programs ,colour, etc., etc.

With the latest Google updates you now have to write 3 unique and engaging paragraphs of text about the life story of this washing machine, how it started as a number of different components all bought together to create this stunning, unique washing machine.

You need to share your writings of this beautiful piece of mechanical genius on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc.

You need to photograph this iconic washing machine from all angles and Pin it.

You need to take a 6 second video of the spin cycle and Vine it.

And you need all your buddies to talk about this washing machine and share their experiences of it.

It also has to be a cheap washing machine, the latest washing machine, a Hotpoint washing machine a WMPF742P washing machine, and *whatever other keywords you can get in front of washing machine* washing machine.

Did I say washing machine? sorry I meant – device for washing clothes, washing appliance, laundry room product, kitchen appliance, clothing cleaner, soap powder holder and whathever other semantic words I can think of/

This cheap washing machine has to have at least 3 washing machine reviews on the page and you must be able to compare washing machines too.

It has to be supplied by a washing machine supplier in Warwickshire, washing machine supplier in Oxfordshire, washing machine supplier in Leicestershire, etc.

It also has to have links to lots of other washing machines on the page.

And you think when Google say;

“Make pages primarily for users, not for search engines”

they actually mean it?

It’s hardly surprising there is so much waffle on the Internet, Google is the number 1 reason for most of it.

January 06, 2014

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