UK Small Business Directory Scam

I had someone contact me today letting me know the UK Small Business Directory Scam is still active.

Apparently small business owners are being called and told they owe money for being registered in UK Small Business Directory.

This has been going on for 3 or 4 years now with many people being conned out of hundreds of pounds.

My advice is never to agree anything over the phone, never give out your card details and don’t give in to threats just to get rid of them.

A lot of scammers bank on the fact that small business owners will just pay up to get rid of them and stop the threats.

One group send out threats that bailiffs will be visiting imminently, read some of the comments on this post at Hallam Internet and be careful out there.

Note: no one from UK Small Business Directory will call you about paying for a directory listing, do not be mistaken that they are involved with us in any way.