Why do some working mums dislike Mumsnet?

In response to somebody asking for a review of a website on UK Business Forums earlier in the week I posted a little message on one of my websites highlighting the fact his site could come across as a bit sexist.

This message got picked up by someone and was posted on Twitter, facebook and Mumsnet.

I noticed the traffic starting to come, and as some of it was coming from Mumsnet I decided to update a little tongue and cheek post I made about Mumsnet a couple of years ago – Mumsnet Translator Wanted by DH so that the post appeared at the top of my sidebar 🙂

I thought no more of it until someone phoned and complained.

I then replied to a post on Google+ telling someone I think I must have upset Mumsnet.

Now this is where it starts to get weird

Rather than the complaints being about my little spoof comment it now appeared a lot of people were getting upset because I said it was Mumsnet who were generating the traffic and Mumsnet who highlighted my original spoof comment.

Strangely they appeared to be more angry that Mumsnet were seen as the ones who outed the comment than the comment itself, they really didn’t appear to like Mumsnet getting the credit.

“This is nothing to do with Mumsnet, a very popular working mother with 40,000 followers in her network saw it”

“It wasn’t Mumsnet, it’s nothing to do with them”

“I didn’t see it on Mumsnet , I saw it on another social network”

A bit of paraphrasing there, but that’s effectively what a lot of the complaints were like.

Has Mumsnet really got people who don’t like it when they get credit, do other smaller networking sites despise Mumsnet and are they bitter, and dare I say, jealous of the popularity of Mumsnet?

Well I hadn’t heard of the other little groups and even if I had I think I will stick to Mumsnet, don’t think I will reveal my username there though 😉

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