This is a follow on of my SEO Story, if you haven’t already, go back to this post to read it from the start – How I started in SEO

Back to the Web Work

We’re up to about 2014 now, the last 2+ years I had taken a complete break from Web work, had modernised and extended the house will live in now and had renovated the cottage we used to live in and rented it out.

I was doing a lot of the work myself, had lost a good 3 stone but had run out of things to do.

Although I didn’t need the money I was tempted to get a little job on the building again, but winter was coming up again and I didn’t really like the thought of having to work for someone else (something I hadn’t done for approx. 10 years)

Instead of getting a job I slowly started doing a bit more web work again starting of by giving my directory site a good upgrade.

I had previously left it running on the backburner, had removed most the AdSense, had switched off the registration forms and just left it ticking over.

Not really wanting to start up on AdSense too much I started thinking about other ways of monetising it and came up with better upgrade options.

I switched the free registrations back on but also had Bronze, Silver and Gold Upgrade options at £10, £30 and £50

The main difference between free and upgraded listings was that I removed all other forms of advertising from upgraded listing, made the listings look nicer and included links to websites.

I started getting a fair few Bronze listings but soon realised it just wasn’t worth the trouble for £10 so scrapped the Bronze option.

I was still learning after all these years but now had a good system that could basically earn me money for very little actual work.

The only real work was monitoring, checking listings in the approval database, approving listings and setting up the upgrades.

Off course I was still constantly tinkering with the site, something I just can’t get out of the habit of doing 🙁

Revamping other sites and helping other people

As well as tinkering with my director I also updated some of my other sites, some of these being my SEO sites like my sim64 SEO Consultant which resulted in more people contacting me wanting SEO work doing for them, but this time I was far more selective of who I did stuff for.

SEO Consultant

Story Continues Here – More Web Work and SEO

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