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Monetizing a Business Directory

With my Business Directory now getting loads of traffic I started thinking about better ways of monetizing it and despite it earning a lot via AdSense I wasn’t particularly happy having all my eggs in one basket

I initially came up with the idea of having an upgrade version which cost just £10 which appeared above free listings and included a few extra features like; no other ads on the page, nicer layout, more prominent link.

Within days these upgraded listings started selling but I soon realised the work involved of upgrading them wasn’t really worth doing for £10 so had a rethink.

Previously, even free listings included a link to people websites, I thought this is ridiculous, people are getting far too much benefit from a free listing that there isn’t really much point in them paying for an upgrade.

I decided then to no longer display links to websites with free listings, up the price of upgrades to £30 and make it far more clear what the difference between the two was.

more coming soon…

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