This is a follow on from the posts – How I started in SEO, Always Expect The SEO Bubble To Burst, TJ You’re a Genius, Building a Business Directory , V7ndotcom Elursrebmem Competition, The Google Minus 30 Penalty, We had no Google Webmaster Tools, Mothballed, Giving up the Day Job, Business Directory Listings Explode and No More Self Editing – Go back and read those 1st.

Released From The Google Minus 30 Penalty

If you have been reading my previous SEO Story posts you will know I had mothballed my main SEO Experimental site, was spending less time doing SEO and was concentrating more on my Business Directory site.

We are up to about 2010 now, 3 or 4 years after had been hit by the infamous Google Minus 30 penalty when an old SEO friend of mine from Alt.Internet.Search-Engines (Jez) emailed me to say he had seen Sim64 in Google again.

I immediately did a search for Sim64 in Google and there it was back at the top, a long 3 years + but it looked like Google had finally unpenalized the -30 penalty 🙂

I did a few more searches and found it ranking for other things, but realised it was nothing like it used to be, it may have no longer been penalised but it had lost all the authority and strength that it had previously built up over the years.

The lack of authority and strength was no surprise I was just pleased that it was back but then had to decide what to do with it.

In the 3 plus years it was penalized I had registered and built numerous other websites but it was still my baby and I wanted to do something with it.

The obvious thing was to set it up as an SEO site, and although I wasn’t really doing SEO for other people I set it up to look like a local Warwickshire SEO Services website.

Using WordPress More

I had previously tinkered with WordPress but a lot of my sites were still little static HTML sites.
As I was revamping I thought now was the time to experiment with it more, start learning about the back end and start making it more search engine friendly

Story continues here – Sim64 and the start of the WordPress years

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