We Had No Google Webmaster Tools or Google Search Console Back Then

This is a follow on from the posts – How I started in SEO, Always Expect The SEO Bubble To Burst, TJ You’re a Genius, Building a Business Directory , V7ndotcom Elursrebmem Competition and The Google Minus 30 Penalty – Go back and read those 1st.

If you have been following my SEO Story so far you will know we are now in late 2006 and sim64.co.uk has been hit by the infamous Google Minus 30 Penalty

After reading my last post, Local SEO Specialist – Tim Capper of http://onlineownership.com/ asked if any manual penalty was mentioned in Google Search Console or whether it was purely algorithmic?

The thing is this was well before we had Google Webmaster Tools or Google Search Console and even if it wasn’t, I wouldn’t have wanted to have been seen as associated with the site as too much grey hat stuff was going on with it 😉

Where as today we don’t mind adding a dozen or more sites in to Google Search Console and letting Google know they are kinda connected, back then it was more of case of trying to keep sites as separate from each other as possible so that when any interlinking was going on it looked as natural as possible.

What to do when a site gets hit and you have no Google Search Console? Tweaking and Improving Sim64.co.uk

The 1st week that sim64.co.uk got hit was a bit of a blur

I initially spent most of my time on SEO forums reading up about similar stories to mine and trying to find out how long it took for people to recover.

The next few weeks I spent a bit of time tidying up the site and deleting thousands of poor or very similar pages. I then categorized the site a bit better as it was basically just a big rambling mess with content scattered about everywhere.

Once it was a bit tidier and numerous thin affiliate pages had been deleted I started improving the content on the pages I was intending to keep.

Moving some of the better content to other sites

As it was just wasted on sim64 and as there was far too much of it anyway I also decided to move some of the better content on to other sites.

A lot of the business related stuff like Business Broadband, Business Mobile Phones, Insurance, etc. I put on to UK Small Business Directory and as this was gaining strength all the time it wasn’t long before it was ranking almost as well as when it was on Sim64.

Unfortunately though, no matter how much trimming, tidying and improving I did to sim64 there was no change 🙁

My SEO Story continues here – Sim64.co.uk Mothballed

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