This is a follow on from the posts – How I started in SEO, Always Expect The SEO Bubble To Burst, TJ You’re a Genius, Building a Business Directory , V7ndotcom Elursrebmem Competition, The Google Minus 30 Penalty and We had no Google Webmaster Tools – Go back and read those 1st.

If you have read my previous posts in this SEO story you will know we are now in late 2006 and my main SEO site, Affiliate site, AdSense site, testing site, experimental site and fun site – has been hit by the Google Minus 30 Penalty

That one sentence alone goes part of the way in explaining why got penalised by Google – I was doing so much on it and some of that being stuff that should really have been on a separate experimental site.

I had spent a good month deleting pages, removing affiliate links, improving content and generally tidying the whole site up – but no joy.

I spent another couple of weeks culling anything that looked like thin affiliate pages or was remotely grey hat, pointed some links at what was left and effectively mothballed sim64 and turned my attention to other sites.

Not all doom and Gloom

Fortunately, it wasn’t all doom and gloom as I not only had I prepared for this moment but I had also found a new wheelchair ramp manufacturer who not only supplied a far better ramp but also had a great ordnance system.

Based in the centre of UK with a big warehouse and great support staff meant they kept the ramps in stock and could deliver direct to my customer the next day.

Drop shipping beats the pants of affiliate work

It was great, I took the order, the customer was mine, I send the order to my supplier, they send the ramp direct to my customer, supplier invoices me and I invoice the customer

No more making poultry affiliate commission this was more like 40 percent

With a bit more incentive I started working on my ramps site a bit more and made it more professional looking – Still no option to buy Online though as I made me talking to people and providing advice by USP

Giving up the day job

Throughout this rollercoaster of events I was still working full time in the construction industry trying to run 2 sites and looking after 20+ blokes, but with ramp enquiries increasing all the time and knowing that me being away from the phone or away from the office was costing me money I got to the stage where I had to make a decision.

I say make a decision but there was no decision really – I try to carry on as I am working from 8:00 in the morning until 5:00 during the day, then 8 in the evening until gone Midnight on my own stuff at night

I give up the day job, sell more ramps, make more money and give myself more free time to concentrate on the Internet and my SEO Work

It was a no brainer, only sad thing about it was it was my 24th year with the same firm and I never got to 25 🙁

My SEO Story continues here – Giving up the Day Job

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