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Sim64 The Start of the WordPress Years and SEO

Now that had recovered from the Google Minus 30 penalty I decided to take a break from what I was doing on my directory site and give sim64 a revamp.

I also decided that whilst doing this I would move sim64 to WordPress.

Initially I just used standard themes but soon realised how poor they were for SEO.

I then started experimenting with a few plugins, primarily the All in One SEO plugin which made the site more search engine friendly, especially as it gave more control of page titles and for a couple of years just built my sites like this until I started experimenting more on a SEO friendly WordPress theme, but more about that later.

With now on WordPress I decided to set it up to make it look like I was a local SEO company.

I never really was an SEO company because I just didn’t like doing SEO for other people but Sim64 started ranking for some local SEO phrases and I was starting to get the occasional enquiry from people wanting help with SEO.

Starting to do local SEO

Most of the requests I received for SEO work I turned away but when someone was really local to me I said I didn’t mind helping them out a bit but not really on a working for them basis.

This was working out really well, I had a handful of people I was helping and SEO was starting to become fun again, they all new the score, that I was just helping them out and they couldn’t just expect me to do things for them but in all honesty I tended to do more when working on this basis than I would if a proper work relationship was established.

If ever I had to sit down, add up all the hours I spent helping with SEO and charge for those hours the people would get a hell of a shock, but to me it was fun and I was researching more and more all the time.

Sim64 was getting stronger from an SEO prospective, never as strong as it was in it’s heydays but I wasn’t going to push it to far, so got it set up how I wanted it then moved on to transferring some of my other sites to WordPress.

My biggest problem when building my own websites was deciding what to build them for.

I didn’t particularly want to go down the affiliate route again and build sites for products and as 4 or 5 of my domains were SEO related I initially decided to tidy all these up and make the content on them SEO related as well.

My site was set up to connect my SEO services to my Business Directory site, basically as the Search Engine Optimisation division of UK Small Business Directory was set up as a really local SEO Shipston site to provide SEO services to Shipston businesses

A couple of other sites were set up doing similar things.

Why I don’t like doing SEO for Other people

It was about then when I got reminded why I don’t really do SEO for other people

Story continues here – Why I don’t like doing SEO for Other people

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