The Google Minus 30 Penalty – The Google -30 Penalty

This is a follow on from the posts – How I started in SEO, Always Expect The SEO Bubble To Burst, TJ You’re a Genius, Building a Business Directory and V7ndotcom Elursrebmem Competition – Go back and read those 1st.

Having got disillusioned by the V7ndotcom Elursrebmem Competition I went back to running more experiments on sim64.

If you have read my previous posts you will know that I had come up with a great way of generating pages using the database from my Business Directory site and started doing similar on

At the time this seemed a good idea, the more pages I could generate the more affiliate and AdSense links I could churn out.

The big difference between my directory site and sim64 though was that when I was generating the pages on my directory I had the content to go on the pages, when generating pages on sim64 I was struggling to find the content.

Low Quality Content spread too thinly on to many pages = Bust

As the old saying goes “Content is King”

I knew I was sailing close to the wind with so many low quality pages but it was working.

As I generated more pages my AdSense income was rising and it was too hard to resist the temptation of churning them out and making hay when the sun shone.

Boy did that decision bite me though!

Sim64 and The Google Minus 30 Penalty – Google -30 Penalty

Some say the -30 penalty never existed it but if you witnessed it with your own eyes you would know 100% that it did.

Everything was running great – Sim64 was generating more and more pages, my rankings were as good as ever and my AdSense income was through the roof until – Boom!

I switched my PC on one morning went to check my rankings on Google and for the phrases I was previously top 5 for I was gone

I checked more phrases – and was gone

I checked really niche phrases – and was gone

I even searched for sim64 – and was gone

The whole site had been totally obliterated by Google overnight 🙁

I started digging deeper and noticed a strange pattern- When searching for sim64 I was in position 31, when searching for niche phrases previously number 1 at I was in position 31, when searching more competitive keywords that I was number 1 for I was position 31 on Google.

I then started searching for the really competitive phrases which I was top 10 for but not top

Remembering I was position 3 in Google for BT broadband I searched and found I was 33

Remembering I was position 5 for Nokia Mobile Phones I searched and found I was 35

I tried more and more phrases and for everyone single one of them I had dropped by exactly 30 positions in Google

Sim64 had breen hit by the Google Minus 30 Penalty 🙁

Google Minus 30 Penalty

The SEO Story continues here – We Had No Google Webmaster Tools or Google Search Console Back Then

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