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Why I don’t like doing SEO for Other people

There are a number of reasons why I don’t like doing SEO for Other people, the main one being they just don’t realise what is involved and how time consuming little things can be.

The worst examples are when you are researching or problem solving.

A typical example.
Someone comes along and says they have suddenly lost their Google rankings and can you have a look to see why.

When that happens I tend to have a little routine I tend to go through;

  1. Check for a badly formed robots.txt
    • It still happens occasionally where people accidentally block their sites from Google with their robots.txt, so always wise to check this 1st
  2. Check to see what their headers are returning
    • A quicker header check to ensure the page is returning a 200 is a must
  3. A google cache check
    • This can be handy to not only see when Google cached the site but also to ensure that Google is seeing what you are seeing, also can be used to see if the site has been hacked and returning different content to Google based on the user agent
  4. Check for canonical issues
    • If you have similar versions of the same page and want Google to prioritize one version it is always wise to check for badly set up canonical tags tags
  5. Check for duplicate or cannibalization issues
    • If the site has lots of very similar pages ensure that they are not effectively competing against each other in the eyes of Google and diluting the sites strength
  6. Checking Page titles
    • I think most SEO’s will agree that page titles are still one of the most important aspects when it comes to on page SEO
  7. Navigation structure
    • It still happens where people have poor navigation systems which can effectively isolate whole sections of a website from the main structure
  8. This list goes on and on – Sometimes you spot a small detail right at the start of the process and can correct it within an hour, other times it may take 3 or 4 hours to spot the issue and when you bill the client for the time they think you are robbing them because it appears it was just a very simple 5 minute fix, the fact it may have taken a few hours to spot the error and do the 5 minute fix is irrelevant to them

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