Do We Really Need Wordpress?


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Have we become to reliant on Wordpress?

Before starting this article I have to say - I use Wordpress a lot.

The thing is, the main reason I use it is laziness.

For the sorts of sites I build I don't really need Wordpress but the only real reasons I use it are;
Basically, all those advantages are due to laziness and saving a little bit of time, which is understandable if it is a blog type site and you are making several posts a day.

With sites like mine though where posts. pages, articles etc. are infrequent and don't really need editing that much, the time saved by using Wordpress is out-done by the more control you have of not using Wordpress.

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Isn't it a lot more time consuming building pages like this rather than using Wordpress? - Jez

  Not really, and the control you have over things makes it well worth while ;-) - TJ
Do you need a database to build pages this way? - Tom

  No, it's all static using basic HTML and uploading to the server - TJ
Can you us PHP, scripts, etc. anywhere on the page? - Clive

  Yep, provided it's a PHP page in the 1st place (which it is), The flexibility is the beauty of it - TJ
How do the pages perform regarding Page Speed ? - Billy

  Test this page on Page Speed Insights to see Test this page on PageSpeed Insights- TJ
Are the pages search engine friendly and mobile friendly? - Jill

  Test if this page is mobile friendly - Whether it is Search engine friendly or not Ask an SEO ;-) - TJ