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This page displays some of my favourite Google Plus tips tricks and tools which can be used on your own websites

Google Plus Search

A simple search tool that combines Google Plus search with Google CSE

Google Author Search

Create Your Own Custom Google Author Search

Please note: Currently not working with custom URL's use your Google+ ID number

Remember to change to your own Google+ ID number

Search Phrase:

1. Self Hosted Google Plus Widget

You can use a self hosted Google Plus Widget to display content from Google Plus Profiles or Google+ Pages and simply embed it on your own website or blog.

Update 14/07/2013 - New Google+ Activity Widget
I have now combined the latest Google+ Badge with a Google+ Activity feed to create a Google+ Badge with Activity Feed

Note: You can adjust settings to display images or not.

Demonstration using a Google+ Profile feed (images switched on).

Demonstration using a Google+ Page feed (images switched off).

Demonstration using a Google+ Product feed (images switched on).
In this example a Google+ Page has been set up for a product

Google+ Widget Checker

If you want to see an example of how your feed will look in a Google+ Widget use our Google+ Widget Checker

Google+ ID Number*

* Enter the exact Google+ ID number you would like to check (this can be a Google+ Profile or Google+ Page)

Google Plus Widget Demo (Note: Shows empty results page as id number is not passed)

2. Google+ Search Box

This is a Self Hosted Google+ Search Box that enables you to search Google+ from your own website and display the results within your own website

Demonstration of a Google+ Search Box Searching Most Recent Google+ Posts
Google+ Search Recent Results  

Demonstration of a Google+ Search Box Searching Best Match Google+ Posts
Google+ Search Best Match Results  

3. Google +1 Checker

Google +1 Checker

Enter URL in below box to see how many Google +1's it has received


Add a Google +1 Checker to your website

Select code from below (feel free to change colors and sizes or restyle). Let me know where you add a +1 checker box and I will add a link to your site.

If you would like information on returning results on your own website > contact me at

HTML for above Google +1 Checker: (click in box and copy code)

4. Google Plus Author Search

Ever wanted to see what some of the more popular Google Plus Authors are talking about?

Want to see if the big names have an opinion on a specific topic or subject?

Want to know if you are being talked about on Google+ ?

Enter the Google+ ID number of the Google+ Author you are being nosey about and the search phrase you want to know what they are talking about to find out more.

Little tip: Enter your name in the top box to see if they are talking about you ;o)

Enter the search term you are interested in:

Enter Google+ ID number of person you are searching:

See Examples on our Google Plus Author Search

5. Google Structured Data Testing Tool Button

If you have a blog and want to be able to istantly check your Google Rich Snippets on the Google Structured Data Testing Tool simply add the Sim64 Google Structured Data Testing Tool Button to your sidebar,header or footer and instantly check your pages.

HTML for above Google Structured Data Testing Tool: (click in box and copy code)

6. Google Author Rank Checker

Find your Google Author Rank by simple entering your Google+ Id number below

Note: Only enter the 21 digit number after the forward slash in your Google+ URL

Google+ ID Number:

7. Who Shared or Commented on Your Website at Google+

Enter any URL below to see who has publicly shared it on Google+ and to see any comments made on Google+

Enter URL:

8. Google Cached Snapshot Checker

See the Google Cached Snapshot of Web Pages

To make it simpler and quicker to view the Google cached snapshot of web pages I have created this simple little tool.

To use this tool simply enter the full URL including https:// of the web page you would like to see a cached snapshot of below.

Enter full URL -

New!: Check the Text Only Google Google Cached Snapshot of any page below.

Ideal for viewing the cached snapshot of Google+ Pages that Google try to hide. (note: currently not working on custom URL's)

Enter full URL -

9. Google+ Pages for Products

This is a little Google+ Tip I was tempted not to share as once more people realise you can do it and start doing it those who are doing it now start to lose our advantage.

Most people appear to set up a Google+ Profile for themselves and a Google+ Page for their business. Why stop there though?

When creating a Google+ Page there are options to create Pages for Products and Services amongst other options.

Take a look at this - it's a Google+ Page set up for a Product.

Not only does it dominate Google+ if anyone searches for Wheelchair ramps in Google+ search, you can also drop the content in to a Google+ Widget and display it on any other website to encourage engagment and interaction.

A demonstration can be seen on the homepage at

You can do exactly the same for your top products and also create pages for your services too.

10. Google+ Comments

Google+ Comments on a static web page? - You Bet! - See link above for source code.

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Some of my favourite Google Plus tools, tips and tricks which can be used on your own websites.

Instructions on Google+ Activity Widget

Instructions on adding a Google+ Widget to your site or WordPress blog are pretty simple, you need a Google API Key and your Google page ID number and just a basic understanding of HTML If you would like information on adapting and configuring a Google+ Widget to blend in with your own website contact

Further Information on Google+ Activity Widget available from More Tech Tips