Marge Simpson - Christmas Message 2004

HRH. Queen Marge
Marge Simpson - Cristmas Speech

Oh, hello! I wasn't expecting visitors!
Bart, shhh!
Anyway, each year at Christmas time, we take a moment to reflect on the important events of the last year.
My husband Homer and I have never been happier. Our marriage is as solid as the union between your David Beckham and Posh Spice!
(A faint sound emerges from her earpiece. She lifts up her finger, then gasps)
He DID? With his ASSISTANT? That's so sad.
Okayyyy, moving on... Lisa, our eight-year-old, continued to pursue her passion for progressive causes. (resentful) She successfully sued to stop me from saying grace at dinner. So, THAT's over now.

Let's see, and in world events, the friendship between America and Britain is stronger than ever. You're like Mini-Me to our Doctor Evil, helping out in all our zany schemes to take over the world! Haha, yeah baby!
Homer, would you please give your Christmas message to the nice people of Great Britain.

Okay. This one goes out to all the mods, rockers, toffs, tossers, gits, twits, chimney sweeps, flocks of sheeps, hooligans, 007s, and a smashing bird named Queen Elizabeth! Merry Christmas, my friends in the UK! but what the hell's the deal with Boxing Day?

Alright, that was Marge Simpson's Christmas message! Now join all the Simpsons in a traditional British wassail!

The accessible version of Marge Simpsons Christmas Message.

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