Mangeur de Cigogne

Mangeur de Cigogne was an early SEO Contest where the aim of the game was to see who could rank highest for Mangeur de Cigogne within a 2 month period.

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Mangeur de Cigogne SEO Competition 12 years on

Was it really over 12 years ago when the Mangeur de Cigogne SEO Competition Started? The Mangeur de Cigogne competion was a fun French SEO competition where the aim was to see who could rank highest for the phrases Mangeur de Cigogne within 2 months.

Contest Rules translated from

To participate positioning and referencing.

- Optimize a web page for the query Mangeur de Cigogne - Declare your participation and the URL of your page on the mailing-list contest before 15 April 2004.

Are there other rules?
No, no :-) Clearly, anything goes!

Everyone will deploy his talents and SEO knowledge of the way that it deems appropriate. The competition is open to both pros and amateurs. Participation is individual, but you can if you want to represent a company.

The sole arbiter of the contest will be Google will decide which participants of the position that they will get in its results pages.

The winner, and thus better SEO of France and of the universe, will be one of us who will get the better position in Google.

The results will be assessed and made public at the June 15, 2004, two months after the registration deadline.

Good luck and have fun!


Sim64 (TJ) was one of the few English entries and despite the language barrier made some good friends.

The phrase mangeur de cigogne (“Stork eater” in English) was chosen and the timeframe was 2 months and ended on 15th June 2004

My memory is a little rusty but I seem to remember the finishing order was;
  1. Jan – Actulab
  2. Jerome - NoName
  3. Laurent - Thickparasite

Mangeur de cicogne

Image courtesy of NoName

As the name suggests, Mangeur de Cigogne was a French Search engine optimisation competition organised by promoweb

List of participants here:

The others I remember; apologies to anyone I have missed.

How do I remember the day so well? I missed the last few hours because I was in the maternity ward holding my wifes hand as little TJ was born :o

Hope all competitors are well and still doing battles with Google ;o)

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