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Boris Johnson Facts and FAQs

Q. What is Boris Johnson’s real name?

  A. Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson.

Q. Where is Boris Johnson originally from?

  A. Upper East Side, New York, United States.

Q. Does Boris Johnson have Dyspraxia?

  A. Possibly, more likely he’s just a clumsy buffoon.

Q. Who was Boris Johnson married to?

  A. Allegra Mostyn-Owen from 1987 – 1993, Marina Wheeler from 1993 – ?, Himself

Q. What languages does Boris Johnson speak?

  A. English, French, Gibberish.

Q. Who is Boris Johnson’s current girlfriend?

  A. Carrie White.

Q. Who can you tell when Boris Johnson is lying?

  A. When he opens his mouth.

Q. Where will Boris Johnson be spending Christmas 2019?

  A. In a ditch

Boris Johnson Facts and FAQs

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