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The UK Small Business Directory has been providing Free Business Advertising since 2002 and now has in excess of 230,000 businesses listed.

When registering in the UK Small Business Directory you are asked to provide your business location, contact details, a category you would like to be listed in, a list of keyword/short phrases and a brief description of yourselves and the products/services you provide.

The information you provide is used to create an individual page for you within the directory and this page is linked to from various pages throughout the directory.

The directory is constructed to create;

  • A county page
  • A town page
  • A category page
  • A category in county page
  • A category town page

Upgraded directory listings appear on all pages, free listings appear on the category in county and category in town pages.

Listings also appear in various search facilities and pages throughout the site.

Other Business Advertising Options

As well as the free and upgraded listings pages UK Small Business Directory also provides numeros other business advertising opportunities including page sponsorship, banner placements, blog posts, articles etc.

If you are looking for cost effective Online Business Advertising contact The UK Small Business Directory to find out what they can do for you.

Free Business Advertising

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