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Disqus not deleting comment spam only hiding it

I made a post yesterday after discovering some strange comment spam on websites using the Disqus comment system – Is Disqus allowing comment spam to display without website owners knowledge

After finding a lot more today I decided to set up Disqus on a test site to see what was happening.

I set it up just using the default settings as I would assume a lot of people do.

I then made 3 comments to a post and deleted 2 of them

Here is the post –

You should see that it has 1 comment.

Now have a look in the source of the page and just under the post look at the Disqus comments section.

Unbelievable the 2 comments that I deleted and which don’t show on the page are still in the source code of the page.

Even more unbelievable is that this is read and cached by Google which could potentially get your site banned from google for linking to bad neighbourhoods, worse still you could be providing links to warez sites, porn sites or worse.

Is Disqus aware of this and are people using Disqus aware of this?

Update 4/09/12 22:50

It appears that when you delete a comment via Disqus it doesn’t actually delete it and if you haven’t deleted it via the WordPress comment system the code stays on the page.

If you have this problem and are assuming that deleting via Disqus deletes the comment always ensure you also delete the comment via WordPress too.

Judging by the thousand of sites I am seeing with this problem I would hope Disqus provides some better information