How do shops like The Works get away with selling rubbish?

My kids had a trip out with their granny and came home with a little treat each from The Works.

The best way I can describe one of the gifts is a cheap, shoddy, cross between a Meccano and an Airfix kit with instructions that don’t match the components.

It was only £3.99 but I suspect the reason they sell this crap so cheap is that when you get it home and realise just how rubbish it is you can’t be bothered to take it back and complain.

For all we know they could be getting eye catching boxes, putting a few tacky components in it, sticking a SALE sticker on it and selling something that cost them 10p for £3.99

Maybe, if we as consumers took this crap back more often and complained they would stop selling it in the 1st place?

Will I drive all the way over to Stratford to complain about a £3.99 product that I don’t have a receipt for though? – highly unlikely

And so the cycle continues, they keep selling the crap to Aunties, Uncles and Grand Parents, we smile and say thank you, and bin the stuff after they leave.