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How to get more Google Reviews on Google Maps and Google Local

The ideal way to get more Google reviews is by creating your own Google Reviews Link which you can then display on your own website – See instructions on How to Create a Google Reviews Link below.

Once you have created your Google Review Link there are a number of ways to use it as a way of getting more Google reviews;

  • Use it to create a Google Review Button to display on your website.
  • Use it as a plain text link for when posting online
  • Use it in emails and newsletter that you send out to customers
  • Incorporate it in to your shopping cart process on eCommerce sites
  • Incorporate it in email signatures

To make this simpler I suggest that after you have created your review link you then use a URL shortener like which can make your link as small as

One thing to take in to consideration when requesting Google Reviews is that you read the Google Reviews guidelines and don’t give incentives for reviews – Google Support

How to find your Google CID number to make a Google Reviews link

1. Sign in to your Google My Business account go to your dashboard

2. Click on the Edit button

Edit link

3. Scroll to where it says Published on, right click where it says Google Maps and copy the shortcut
(Note: do not click the link or it will redirect before you have time to obtain the CID number)

Find Google CID number

4. You will have a link similar to this – &hl=en&_ga =1.26750653.1866605994. 1448893635

5. Copy just the CID number (in this example 12884035013270555522) and enter in the Google Reviews link generator to Create Your Google Reviews Link

Please Note:
A lot of people enter their Google+ Page ID number instead of their CID number which results in the review form not loading, ensure you use the CID number. Feel free to ask in the comments if you need any help.

Any questions?
If you have any questions or do not know your Google CID number please comment below (include a link to your Google Local Page and I will create your review link code for you)

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