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Is Disqus allowing comment spam to display without website owners knowledge

I haven’t really looked to deeply in to this yet but after finding some weird comment spam on some reputable sites delved a bit deeper to find they were all using the Disqus comment system which appears to be leaving comment spam in the source of the pages without it being visible on the site.

Here is just one typical example where you see no comment span until you view the source to find all the nasty stuff hidden away from eyes but not from Google.
[Archive version of page as site no longer exists, archive version shows spam which was previously invisible]

As I said at the start of the post I haven’t delved too deep, but the connection appears to be the Disqus Comment system.

Has Disqus been hacked, has someone found a vulnerability in Disqus, is something configured wrong at Disqus or is it something the webmasters of these sites is doing wrong

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