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Learn SEO Yourself and don’t fall for SEO Promises

A little knowledge can be a dangerous thing

I quite often hear from people who have previously been stung by SEO companies and naturally think that SEO is a scam.

How to Help Yourself Rank Higher in Google

The best way of combatting these SEO companies who promise the earth and deliver very little is to know what the SEO company is doing by having a better knowledge of SEO yourself.

You never know – You may be able to learn enough about SEO that you don’t need an SEO company.

The Best Way of Learning SEO Yourself

There is a lot of good information about SEO online, but also a lot of bad information.
Knowing the good from the bad is crucial.

With this in mind an experienced and well trusted UK SEO – Ray Field – has put his 20+ years of extensive SEO knowledge in to a comprehensive Online SEO Training Course which you can take at your own speed over a 12 month period.

This isn’t the sort of stuff you read on forums and chatrooms, the content is the result of years of experience, testing and experimenting with tactics that have proven results.

Learn more about SEO than the Cold Callers who Call You

You can’t help yourself feeling a little smug when you know more about SEO than the cold callers who are harassing you trying to sell their SEO Services.

That alone makes the fees of Ray’s SEO Training Course worthwhile but in all honestly the course is a little goldmine and could be just what you need to start getting those high Google rankings yourself,

DIY SEO Course

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