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Men’s Taylor Swift Cardigan

When I was young and knew nothing I loved cardigans

As I got a bit older I was told cardigans were for geeks or dweebs now that I’m old and have seen the new Taylor Swift video Cardigan from her new album Folklore – I want a cardigan

Sod what everyone says I was right when I was young Cardigans are great

Is There A Men’s Taylor Swift Cardigan

I’ve seen the woman’s Taylor Swift Cardigans for sale in various places but does anyone know if there is a men’s version of the Taylor Swift Folklore Cardigan available anywhere?

Update: I read that Taylor Swift sent out the cardigan to some of her friends

If Taylor reads this (or one of her team) I’ll be your friend if you send me a cardigan, I might even model it for you 🙂

My address can be found here TJ’s address

(I’m not above creeping for a Taylor Swift cardigan)

Men's Taylor Swift Cardigan mens version of the Taylor Swift Folklore Cardigan for men

Mens version of Taylor Swift Cardigan in Pale Grey, Dull Silver or Light Gray

What do you think Guys – Would you buy one?

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