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Update 22/09/2019

Happening again a lot this weekend and judging by my visitor stats to this page it’s happening to others too.

Come on Microsoft sort out the rogue advertisers using your services 🙁

Let me know in the comments below if you are getting Microsoft Trojan Alerts too.

MSN News Homepage Virus Alert and Malware Microsoft Trojan Alert

I use the MSN News feed as the homepage when opening a new tab in IE

Since this morning when I try an open an article in the MSN News feed I get redirected to which then gives a tojan warning

I’ve scanned my whole system and can’t find anything

Anyone know if it is the MSN page infected or my system

Is anyone else getting trojan warnings from the MSN homepage or the MSN News Feed?

Update: I’m also reading a lot of reports saying MS Games is effected too

MSN News Homepage Trojan Virus Alert

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  1. I am receiving the Trojan alerts when opening certain items from MSN. I have tried opening with a different browser (Edge, Chrome and Firefox) but the Trojan alerts still appear

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