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Portable Dog Shower

The Muddi 15 is a portable low pressure washer designed primarily for keeping your dogs clean after muddy walks. A Portable dog shower that you can keep in your car to gently hose down your dog before letting him back in your car.

Dog cleaning made simple with the Muddi 15 Portable dog shower.

Portable shower for dogs powered by a 12v car adapter/outlet. No batteries are required, no foot or hand pumping is involved.

Portable Dog Shower Portable Pressure washer for dogs

The Muddi 15 Portable dog shower comes ready to use, just fill the container with water, up to a max of 15 litres, plug it into the AUX or cigarette lighter socket, turn it on and away you go.

An integrated 5m kink-free coiled hose allows it to be extended whilst in use before retracting for neat and tidy storage back inside the unit. The variable nozzle allows you to control the water pressure from a fine mist to a more powerful jet and has a standard size quick release connector allowing you to change the nozzle, if required, increasing the flexibility of use.

Muddi 15 Portable Dog Shower will pump the water at whatever temperature the water is in the container. It can cope with anything up to 60°C / 140°F.