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A lot of people who have been doing SEO for a long time don’t tend to do it for other people anymore but instead they set up their own little sites, optimise them and make money from AdSense or lead generation.

What I consider one up from this is using SEO for dropshipping or drop shipping

Dropshipping is ideal for the home based SEO who hasn’t the facilities or inclination to keep or display stock like a bricks and mortar retailer.

With drop shipping a good SEO can optimise pages for specific products, take orders online, send the orders to the wholesaler who then dispatch the product direct to the dropshippers customer.

The wholesaler sends all paperwork and bills to the drop shipping SEO who then puts his mark up on and bills the customer.

The key to using SEO for drop-shipping is having the right product ranked high at the right time, the product at the right price, a trustworthy looking website and a good relationship with a wholesaler.

The other beauty of doing SEO for dropshipping is it is quick to get in and out at the right time and move on to the next popular product.

If you are a wholesaler and think you have a product we may be interesred ibn dropshipping please get un touch or comment below.