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SEO From a Hospital Bed

The title of this post is a bit misleading as despite the fact I was in and out of hospital a lot last year I didn’t actually do much SEO whilst in there.

I had great plans before going in of setting up my laptop and optimising and tidying up lots of my old websites.

Knowing I was initially going to be in for 2 or 3 weeks, I planned on doing nothing for the 1st couple of days after my operation and then setting myself up so I could update a number of websites.

I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to go back to a bit of old fashioned SEO, get back in touch with some old SEO friends and get to work on some link building schemes.

The reality was I was just too knackered for at least a week, and the next 2 weeks were basically a routine of waiting for my next medication, waiting to be taken down for scans, waiting for feeds, waiting for doctors visits, waiting for speech and language lessons, waiting for physio, waiting for lunch, waiting for visiting times, etc, etc, etc. and just not being able to concentrate on SEO or anything else.

It’s amazing how quickly the days go when you are not really doing much but waiting for the routine things to happen

Still no SEO from my hospital bed 🙁

After 3 weeks I was released and spent a couple of nights at my parents before having to be rushed back in to hospital where I spent another 2 weeks in the same routine.

This time I thought, that’s it, I’m definitely going to do more this time, but no I soon slipped back in to the hospital routine plus I was getting more and more fatigued and even found just reading a book was tricky.

Back at parents again I actually managed to set my laptop and did a bit of work from bed, not used to a laptop and only having one monitor was very limiting though so didn’t do much SEO

2 weeks later I felt fit enough to go back home and being back in my office with my own set up meant I could actually get back to a bit of work, the problem was after a couple of hours I was knackered and spent the rest of the day in bed

Then the radiotherapy sessions and chemo started

After the 1st 3 or 4 days I thought this isn’t too bad, I was feeling OK, was getting back in to my SEO then Boom it hit me.

I think it was a combination of not eating enough, had stopped eating completely and was relying on my feeding peg, but hadn’t upped my intake of fortisips, the initial boost of steroids I had with my chemo wearing off, the constant travelling to UHCW and the effects of the Radiotherapy kicking in.

I don’t know what happened but woke up lying on the floor with paramedics checking me over, I had apparently fainted, banged my head on the floor and twisted the ankle on my good leg (the one they hadn’t taken the bone from).

I spent the next few days in bed but was banned from having my laptop as I needed to rest, was put back on a 8 hour feeding tube to build myself back up.

I still had to go to Coventry Hospital for my radiotherapy sessions but was picked up from home by my mother and dropped straight back afterwards.

By now the nausea and fatigue had really set in and I was doing very little other than staying in bed and occasional walk round village when my 2nd dose of Chemo started.

This really had a bad effect on me and after 2 days I was back in hospital for another week, I didn’t even bother taking my laptop this time as I knew there would be no SEO done from my hospital bed 🙁

Continues soon…

SEO from a Hospital Bed

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