Sim64 SEO

Sim64 specialise in Google Authorship, Google Local Optimisation, Rich Snippets and Microdata Formatting.

We can build websites, rank them high and get Google+ Profile images and author names appearing alongside listings in the Google Results pages.

SEO Experiment Authorship and Google+ Profile Image

How would you like Sim64 to do the same for you?

We are looking for a number guinea pig SEO novices who we will talk through how to set up Google authorship, Local Places listings and how to use schema to mark up your content in search engine friendly ways.

This is 100% free with the only catch being we will use your websites as examples in demonstrations we present in the future.

This really is Win Win for you, we teach you SEO, instuct you how to use mark up better and you even gain exposure from our demonstrations.

If this little SEO Project interests tou and you want to be a Sim64 SEO guinea pig please use the contact form or comment below.