Sim64 SEO

If you are a regular reader of the sim64 search engine optimisation blog or have gone to the trouble of reading through some old posts you will no doubt have come across some posts and wondered – What on earth is all that about?

The thing is, nearly every post has a reason, what may look like a nonsense post or just like mindless waffle is generally there for one reason or another.

It may be a one line post, an image, some text that looks out of place but mark my words it’s probably been posted there for a reason.

All this brings me to my little SEO Tip of the Day which is;

Don’t be afraid to ask an SEO Questions

SEO can be a boring , very singular activity and there is nothing an SEO likes more than having someone paying an interest in what they are doing.

If you see something strange on an SEO blog don’t shrug your shoulders and think what’s all that about – ask the SEO.