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SEO Tip of the Day – Blog like a blogger

How often do you sit at the keyboard thinking what to do next?

Rather than just sitting there with these ideas going round and round in your head open up your blog and use it how it was initially intended for and not just as a marketing tool.

Write about whatever you want and see what flows, sometimes it will be nonsense other times you may find it starts as nonsense but gradually gets better and better and after you have finished writing you can sit back and read a proper blog post..

Even better, think of a theme first then start writing.

Stuck for a theme? Just look around you.

Has the little pamphlet for the Village Country fair and Flower Show just dropped through your letterbox with the schedule for this years show? It may not be directly related to what you do but surely there is something in their you can waffle away about?

How about the dog show, the photograpy competition, the fancy dress, the Olympic themed racing, the hamster racing, the craft stalls, the car boot sales, the children’s entertainers, bouncy castle hire, pig roast, etc. etc. The list is endless

Our little pamphlett even has some ads in the front and back this year, a bit of food for thought for you, why not list you SEO Services in there next year? (see what I did there 😉 )

OK, this is a pretty bad example of blogging like a blogger, but the more you get in to the habit of just sitting and writing about daily events the easier you will find it to write when you are writing articles about the services you supply and can also make it easier for you to write unique product descriptions on the products you provide, both of which can be great for SEO.