Sim64 SEO

Today’s little SEO Tip of the Day concerns analytics, tracking and stats.

To be honest this is one of those cobblers shoes stories, I have numerous sites of my own scattered around but rarely track them properly.

Here is a typical example;

I have a little site that sells wheelchair ramps and is well ranked for most of the relevant phrases so is just left to tick over on the back burners.

Yesterday I thought I would check my stats and found I was getting quite a bit of traffic to an internal page using the same key phrase – Disabled Access Ramps.

Delving a bit deeper I found I was only ranked number 2 for the phrase, but worse than that it was a very poor page which although had some good information on it wasn’t a selling page.

Not only was it poor, non selling it also wasn’t even optimised well or even mentioning the popular keywords on the page.

This is one of those typical examples where had I been keeping a closer eye on my analytics I would have changed the content of the page long ago and probably have made more sales.

Update 3/09/2012

A little tweak of the title, a new header, some images with alt attibutes and 2 or 3 new links pointing to the page and it has moved to number 1.

I really ought to go through the whole site one of these days and tweak a few more things.