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SEO Tip of the Day : It helps if you know what you are doing

Today’s little SEO Tip isn’t so much for the people looking for SEO advice it is more for the SEO.

OK, so I appreciate some SEO’s can’t afford to be too picky on which clients they take on, but when you get to the stage that you can pick and choose who to do SEO work for why not pick the clients who provide services or products that you are familiar with?

Not only does this make the keyword research and content producing simpler if you have knowledge of the market of what needs optimising your competitor analysis is easier and your judgement of what will or will not give a good ROI is better.

Go blind in to a project and you may find you spend a few hours researching and come back with the conclusion it isn’t worth doing the optimization, with some initial knowledge you can decide far quicker what may or may not work, saving you time and the client money.

Even better than doing SEO for products/services you have a basic knowledge of, is doing SEO for products services you have an interest in.

SEO is very much research based with methodical, repetitive, sometimes boring work involved, if you have an interest in what you are optimising for it makes this far easier and if you can slip in to hobby mode the boring, repetitive side of SEO is no where near as bad.