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If, like me, you don’t really work much anymore but prefer to just hang about on the Internet; reading forums, following latest news stories, setting up little SEO tests, reading blogs, following people on Google+ etc. Then this little SEO Tip is for you.

As you are doing the above, keep your eyes open on any breaking news, popular topics, interesting questions, etc. and be prepared to jump on the bandwagon.

A new SEO story breaks – Quickly write a blog post with the sort of short snappy title that people might search for to find out more.

An intriguing question is posted in a popular place – Rephrase slightly or answer that question in the title of a new blog post.

A trending product is being talked about – in stock now, cheap, available now, UK, coming soon, where to buy, etc, in a blog post about the product will capture long tails.

Off course it isn’t just about Jumping on the Bandwagon to get traffic to a blog post, once there you need some form of engagement like; ask a question, invite people to comment, include a poll, include a controversial statement.

You need your social engagement buttons set up s people can easily share and the post should be the sort of post people might reference in other forums, blogs, etc.

The stone rolls, the moss gathers all because you simply jumped on a bandwagon!

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