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SEO Tip of the Day Treat SEO like a game and have fun

OK, so it’s not really an SEO Tip again, I seem to have this habit lately of sitting down to write my Daily SEO Tip but instead drifting of in to general waffle.

Tonights SEO Tip waffle is about how much better and easier SEO becomes if you have the mindset to just treat it like a game of whits between you and the Google Guys.

I read a great article yesterday by Sujan Patel called 100 Lessons Learned from 10 Years of SEO

As someone who has also been doing SEO for 10+ years I emphasised with what he wrote, found myself agreeing with virtually everything except one piece that stuck in my mind,

You can’t outsmart Google – Google hires some of the top scientists, engineers and PhDs in the world every year.  The odds of some “sneaky trick” you’ve found on an SEO blog outsmarting this brain trust aren’t very good.”

OK I agree with the bit about finding some sneaky trick on an SEO blog, but for me the satisfaction of running test after test after test and finding those little things that can give you that slight advantage in SEO is what keeps me interested.

Sujan rightly says

“Google hires some of the top scientists, engineers and PhDs in the world every year”

But when I’m playing chess I don’t want to play the mid ranking guys in the chess club I want to play the Masters, they may beat me 99.9% of the time but I’m learning all the time and one day I will find that sequence of moves that gets me the win.

SEO is the same, to me it is as much a game now as it was back in 2003 2004 when I was doing the SEO competitions and part of that game is keeping up with the algorithm changes and plying your whits against the Google guys.

That may come across as a load of bollocks and people will say you shouldn’t be trying to outsmart Google but instead should be working with it, all very true, to a degree, but where’s the fun in that?

Originally written on 18/7/2012 – Updated 26/12/2016

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