Sim64 SEO

Hard to believe but 8 years ago sim64 was my strongest website and would rank for virtually anything I targeted at the drop of the hat.

I was using it for affiliate work, as a SEO testing site and it was also one of the main sites I used in the SEO Competions like SERPs, Nigritude Ultramarine and Mangeur de Cigogne.

It was whilst pushing the boundaries a bit in one of these competitions that sim64 picked up the infamous -30 penalty which led to me deleting 90% of the content and just putting the site on the backburner.

It was probably about 4 years later when someone emailed me saying they had suddenly started seing sim64 in the SERPs again and after a quick check I could confirm the penalty appeared to have gone.

By now though the site had obviously lost it’s authority status so I just tidied it up a little, set a blog on it and just used it very ocassionally for posting waffle.

So here we are in 2012 the site is a good 10 years old so let’s throw a bit of SEO content on here and see what happens.