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Spam .it Domains Flooding Google – Sub Domains Spamming Google

Has anyone else noticed a mass increase of spam .it domains flooding Google recently?

They tend to be sub domains in the format ***.*******.it

I’m seeing them everywhere especially in some Google Alerts that I have set up.

They appear to be scraping content, cloaking then retuning phishing type sites or malicious sites (note: don’t let curiosity get the better of you and go clicking on them)

They don’t seem to appear that high in the SERPs yet, but go down to page 10 and you start seeing them appear for countless phrases.

Note: it’s not just .it domains or sub domains, but someone appears to be outfoxing Google at the moment.

This screenshot is a typical example
Page 12 on when searching on Google for Wheelchair Ramps

scam it domains on Google SERPs

Anyone else seeing these?

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